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Race Karts, Adults & Kids

We are proud to offer the most affordable kart packages in the country. By offering such a low priced packages, it is our goal to bring new faces into this great sport of kart racing!


Race Karts without the $3,000+ price. Complete, Race ready! Just add gas and oil and you will be ready to race. 200cc 4-stroke Clone Engine, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Race Tires, 50+ mph.


WARNING: Death or Injury may result from improper setup, assembly and/ or operation of this product. Persons must be 16 years of age and have Proper Adult Supervision. For close course competition only, not for street use.

Approved for racing

New Multi-Class Racing Go Kart Engine the "Clone". The most recent addition to kart racing in the United States is affectionately called the "Clone" class. Clone refers to any replica 6.5 h.p. Honda 4-stroke kart-racing engine (manufactured in China) that can be adapted to a sprint kart chassis, oval track racing go kart chassis, road racing go kart chassis or a speedway kart chassis. This low-horsepower karting class provides an under $1500 option to the more expensive $3000 to $9000 racing go karts. These are race ready karts and all the driver needs to do is add gas and oil.



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